Natural Honey Collection


Our bees fly more than 22,000 kilometres to collect the nectar required for each 250 gram jar of honey. The colour, flavour and aroma of honey comes from the variety of plants that provide bees with the nectar they so love. Our lucky ones enjoy raspberry, heather, blueberry, lingonberry, white and pink clover, and in some years even linden.




Infused Honey Collection


Suffused with a rich bouquet of aromatic flavours, the infused honey collection is a result of our passion to pair honey with fine, sometimes a bit unusual ingredients. Considering the flavour and aroma, we select the most suitable honey and infuse it with only organic and high quality ingredients. The resulting honey guarantees many exquisite gastronomic experiences.



All Our Honey Tastes In Smaller Jars


Nordic Honey_Honey Tasting Gift Set_6.jpg

– NEW –

Gifts Collection: Christmas 2017

Presented in luxurious gift boxes and finished off with a hand tied golden ribbon, our gifts are a perfect way to treat a friend, colleague or loved one during the upcoming festive season. 



In Addition to Honey

We have put together a collection of carefully sourced items that pair beautifully with our honey.