Best Foods to Pair with Honey

Our love of honey is as old as history. Some of the earliest rock paintings that are more than 8,000 years old show humans robbing this sweet treat from a bee colony. It is mentioned in our spiritual books, used in traditional medicine because of its antiseptic qualities, and offers plenty of value to us still today as a food product.

If you want to know how to use honey beyond your usual routine, then these suggestions can help you to break out of that routine, try new varieties, and create wonderful culinary experiences to share with your family and friends.

List of the Best Honey Pairings

Just as each honey variety brings a unique flavor profile to consider, there are specific foods you can pair with each option that will enhance both items in new and exciting ways. Here are some examples for you to consider.

1. Creamy Dreamy

This honey receives its creamy texture because it is carefully mixed as it begins to crystallise. That profile makes it perfect for many of your favourite drinks, including juices, coffees, tea, and smoothies. It is the perfect complimentary item to warm apple pie or fruit crumbles. You can also spread it over crusty bread for a delightful snack.

TRY THIS: Drizzle a little Creamy Dreamy over your favourite ice cream flavours to create an explosion of tasty goodness.

2. Spring Is in the Air

The first honey of the year tends to offer sweet flavours that are elegant, yet somewhat subtle, so it is the perfect option for your baked goods. It adds that necessary touch of sweetness to muffins, cookies, and similar desserts without being overpowering. Try it with a tart cheese, fruits like apricots or figs, or add it to your dipping sauces or marinades to take away the harshness of sugar.

TRY THIS: Drizzle some on your favourite berries, and then add some prosciutto and a piece of your favourite cheese for a lovely mid-afternoon snack. 

3. Late Harvest

It is worth the wait to grab this honey at the end of summer. You’ll find a complex aromatic profile waiting for you with this product, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to aged cheeses with robust flavours. Try serving it with roasted duck or with grilled fruits or vegetables from your garden to embrace the changing of the seasons.

TRY THIS: Drizzle a little on your breakfast each morning, especially if you enjoy yogurt or cereal.

4. Sweet Cinnamon

This infused cinnamon honey combines a hint of clove with the warming spices of nutmeg and cardamom to create flavours that feel like they came directly out of your mother’s kitchen. Drizzle this infused honey over rice porridge, add it into the batter of your baked goods, or give it a nice spread over crusty bread for a delightful experience.

TRY THIS: Blend this honey into your next smoothie to add several new layers of flavour, especially with apples, berries, or bananas.

5. Smooth Cacao

You will experience the intensity of raw, organic cacao with this fantastic Nordic honey, giving you a bite that speaks of dark chocolate and subtle sweetness. If you like hazelnut spreads, this item is the perfect nut-free alternative. It is the perfect dip for a granola bar or seasonal fruits, or you can also add it to brownies or different baked goods.

TRY THIS: Stir a small amount into your coffee in the morning to create a mocha that compliments the bitterness of the brew perfectly.

6. A Sting of Chili

Sweetness provides a beautiful counterbalance to items that sting the tongue, which is why this spicy honey is the perfect treat by itself. If you have a meat dish that could use a flavourful punch, then consider adding some to your roasts or chops as they finish up in the oven or on the grill. It also works surprisingly well with tea or a snack with nuts and goat cheese.

TRY THIS: Drizzle this spicy honey over crispy bacon or roasted jalapenos with cream cheese to create a signature appetiser that the whole family will love.

What Honey Pairing Will You Try Today?

Food pairings with honey can help you to create intense, pleasing flavours that seem simple, but offer complexities that keep you coming back for more. These recommendations are only the beginning of what you can discover with this historic treat.

There are so many healthy and yummy recipes you can prepare with honey, such as Creamy Oatmeal with Honey and Christmas Spices, Roasted pears with Ricotta and Honey, Breakfast Cookies with Dates, Almonds and Honey and much more.

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