Why To Drink White Tea And How Is It Different From Green Tea

White tea is full of wonderful benefits for your health. Both white and green tea come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, but white tea is even less processed than green tea. This means it has a very light flavour as well as many of the benefits of green tea. White tea comes mainly from Fujian province in China, and consists of a single annual harvest of the youngest leaves which are then sun-dried. This ensures that it has the highest possible concentration of antioxidants whilst maintaining a delicate, slightly sweet, taste. This tea is all about delicacy, no bold or punchy tones here. Read on to get a clear understanding of the benefits of white tea and why you should incorporate it to your diet.

1. White tea contains antioxidants

All true teas can prevent or at least play a part in treating cancer. A ‘true tea’ is black, green oolong or white. They have a high level of antioxidants which can be effective in assisting conventional treatments. White tea, like the other ‘true teas’, has great antioxidant properties. This helps in many areas including heart health and lowering cholesterol.

2. White tea has anti-inflammatory properties

Anything from muscle damage to hay fever will benefit from being treated with an anti-inflammatory. The effect of the damage, allergy or virus is reduced and recovery can be that much quicker as a result. White tea will not treat inflammation on its own, but it can lessen the effect of inflammation.

3. White tea offers dental protection

The compounds in white tea, just like those in green tea, are good for your mouth. The fluoride content can only help teeth, while the antiviral and antibacterial properties help prevent the build-up of plaque which many of us recognise as being a sign of poor dental hygiene.

4. White tea boosts your metabolism and aids digestion

According to many people, white tea, like the green varieties, has a gentle effect on metabolism and therefore weight loss. Any tea which helps comfortable digestion is likely to speed up the metabolism for a while. This burns stored body fat which can result in weight loss.

5. White tea can help treat diabetes

Some of the antioxidants in white tea can help treat diabetes. It has been shown to lower blood glucose levels and increase the secretion of insulin.

6. White tea promotes healthy hair

The compounds in white tea help keep your hair healthy. Hair health is an external indicator of how you feel inside. Think how you look and feel after a cold - hot, sweaty, clammy, lank hair, red nose. The anti-inflammatory properties of white tea will deal with the red nose, the other naturally-occurring compounds in white tea will restore life to your hair.

7. Need calm? Drink a cup of white tea

White tea has even more benefits than green tea in this area. The concentration of the amino acid L-theanine in white tea is higher even than in green tea. This helps both alertness and calmness, which can be helpful to many people.

8. White tea helps keep you alert

Conversely, white tea can help you stay alert. The caffeine levels are high enough to wake you up but not enough to cause any negative effects. This leads to an ideal state of readiness to deal with unplanned or unexpected events.

9. White tea is good for your skin

White tea can help protect skin cells against all kinds of things, including attack by free radicals, inflammation and premature aging. It contains compounds which lead to smoother, firmer skin, due to their effects on elastin and collagen.

10. White tea helps strengthen immunity

Germs, bugs and viruses can be persuaded to run a mile with regular white tea drinks. This is also tied in with the anti-inflammatory properties. For people like nurses, carers and retail staff, whose stock in trade is dealing with many and varied members of the public, this is a useful function.


Add some flavour to your white tea

Our organic white tea with birch leaves and raspberries is an interesting sweet and fruity mix which allows you to enjoy white tea at its best. Birch is classed as a wintergreen, so it has a unique minty-type flavour to round out the sweetness of the white tea and the sweet-tart mixture of the raspberries. White tea on its own is refreshing and delicate enough, but adding flavour to it brings it to life.

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At Nordic Honey, we value organic food, sustainable farming and healthy living. All the ingredients in our tea blends are carefully sourced and organically certified with no flavourings or additives. Take a moment for yourself and enjoy a cup of your favourite tea!

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